Thursday, June 2, 2011

AC Moore Weekend Deals

AC Moore has some great deals this weekend and I wanted to share. First...

Look what I bought!

The Ultimate Decorating Set contains the following:

  • 9"  11" Straight Black Handle Spatulas
  • 9"  13" Angled Black Handle Spatulas
  • 10" Featherweight Bags - 2 Pk
  • 12" Disposable Bags - 50 Pk
  • Practice Board with Patterns
  • 4 - Standard Couplers
  • 6 Pc Forming Cups
  • Large Lily Nail - 2 Pack
  • 15" Parchment Triangles
  • Round Tips: #1, #3, #5, #12
  • Star Tips: #14, #16, #18, #21, #1M
  • Petal Tips: #59s, #101, #104
  • Leaf Tips: #352 and #366
  • Bismarck Tip #230
  • Drop Flower Tip #2D
  • Multi Opening Tip #233
  • Thin and Thick Foams
  • Flower Nail Templates
  • Brush Set
  • Gold Foil
  • Cut & Press Button Flower
  • Pansy Cutter
  • Wave Flower Former 2 Pk
  • 2 Pc Mum Cutter Set
  • Calla Lily Cutter
  • Calla Lily Former
  • Scallop Ruffle Cutter
  • Lily Stamen Set
  • Tip Dishwasher Pouch
  • Dusting Pouch
  • Green Ball Tool
  • Green Veining Tool
  • Fondant Smoother
  • Ribbon Cutter/Embosser
  • 12" Dowel Rods
  • Round Cut Out Set
  • Rose Cutter Set 5 pc
  • 8" Cake Circle
  • Silicone Tip Covers
  • 9" Rolling Pin
  • Thin and Thick Modeling Sticks
  • 4 Pc Decorating Nail Set
  • The Ultimate Tool Caddy

Tilting Cake Turntable

Moves to 3 preset angles -12° 24°, and level--and locks in place, making every decorating technique easier! Turntable smoothly rotates in any of the angled positions for effortless decorating of top borders, stringwork, lettering on top and sides of cake, and more. The stand is made of durable plastic with a non-skid top surface.

The best part?? I got it all for under $125!! AC Moore had a one day only 55% off coupon good for use on any one item. I brought hubby along with me and voila! I scored two of the items I always drool over when we go there.

I will be signing up for the next Wilton cake decorating class in July and I can't wait! Flowers and Cake Design here I come!! I even ran into the class instructor and she was just as happy to see me as I was to see her. She was super helpful and nice and encouraging. When I told her I had a 55% off coupon she said "buy it, buy it now" b/c it doesn't usually sell for less than $100 even with a coupon.

They also have a coupon good for an ADDITIONAL 20% off your TOTAL purchase including sale items. Of course the stuff I want, like the Cricuit is excluded from this special. However, the Cricuit is on sale for $199 which is $200 off the normal price. If I had a little bit more money, I totally would have gotten one. The cartridges are also on sale and the Cricuit for cakes was on clearance for $199 at my local store.

What would you purchase with a 55% off coupon to AC Moore?

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  1. Hi- found you through the Friday Friendly Follow- and I'm your newest follwer! I took the first Wilton class with my mother when I was a teenager. I still (mostly) have the skills I learned and can't wait to make my kid's birthday cakes some day! It sounds like you have big plans. I hope you can check out my life in South Africa through my blog at!

    Have a great weekend!


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