Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Running for Charity Series - Voices of Ronald McDonald House Part I

Today I would like to introduce you to a childhood friend of mine, Jennifer Lentini. Jen is a great example of why I chose to run for Team Ronald McDonald House. The following is a guest post from Jen herself:

"At 13 years old I received a heart transplant. The Ronald McDonald house was a wonderful organization that offered much more then housing to families of sick kids but support. My family lived to close to use there facility. Though , they had many actives and events that they had to help with not only the child that was sick but the family as well. I remember when I was 13 after my transplant that holiday season I went there to make Christmas cards to send to sick children. They also had Halloween dances and even if you did not stay at the facility they had activities for siblings to attend. Years later , I went with the key club in my high school for a Halloween party. It was extremely special because I was able to help younger kids as I was helped when I was waiting for a heart transplant."

Jen just competed in her first ever Transplant Games of America. It is now 18 years after her first transplant, and Jen has developed complications from the medication she's had to take from the first transplant. She has been told that she will need a second heart transplant and also a kidney transplant.  Unfortunately, Insurance does not cover all the necessary treatment and travel expenses.  Therefore, in order for her to receive the most optimal level of care and treatment for her condition, Jen is depending on our support.
If you would like to donate to help Jen with her medical expenses you can do so by visiting this link:

Jen shared her story with us today to show you just how much your donations to the Ronald McDonald House mean to the families who use their services. The Ronald McDonald House is more than just a place to spend the night. It is a place that brings hope and smiles in a time of fear and tears. 

I am running the runDisney Glass Slipper Challenge in Orlando, FL in February to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. This race series consists of a 10K (6.2 miles) on Saturday followed by a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) on Sunday. You can find my fundraising page by following the link below, and if you are willing to make a donation I would so appreciate it! 

***As an added bonus, you will receive one entry to an online raffle for every $5 donation made to the Ronald McDonald House.
Prizes include tee shirts, Pace Bands, Compression Socks, Race Distance Decals, Disney Princess Items, and more.***

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Spinning or Cycling Out of Control

So... This happened this week. 

I took a step outside of my comfort zone and went to the gym early, before work. 

A cyle/spin class was about to start so I said "why not?!" and joined in.

Whew! What a workout!! I didn't even do all of the things the instructor was telling us to do. I think that's a good thing though because 
OUCH!! Are my err ummm let's say bits, yes that works. Ouch are my bits sore!!

I couldn't sit after class and even today I am still sore. 

It was a fun experience though and I will definitely be trying it again.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Running for Charity - runDisney Glass Slipper Challenge

Well, it's official! I am a member of Team Ronald McDonald House!
I will be running the runDisney Glass Slipper Challenge during the Princess Half Marathon Weekend next February. I will be doing the Enchanted 10K on Saturday and the Princess Half Marathon on Sunday. It will be a total of 19.3 miles and it's all to help raise money for an amazing charity.

Ronald McDonald House Charity provides care and support for families of seriously ill, critically injured or medically fragile children being treated at area medical facilities.
Ronald McDonald Houses serve more than 8,000 families each day around the world, saving them over $257 million a year in hotel costs.
Guests of the RMHC pay only $15 a night, if financially able. Contributions and volunteers do all the rest.

A $15 donation sponsors a family for one night and allows them to spend time closer to their sick child.
It will also let you choose 2 songs for my running playlist to listen to while training and while doing my 19.3 miles come race weekend.

Please consider donating using the link below to help families stay together during a difficult time in their lives.

Do you run for charity? Which one and why?