Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Raffle/Giveaway! Support a Charity and Enter to Win Great Prizes!

I am running the Glass Slipper Challenge in February as part of Team Ronald McDonald House.
For every $15 you donate, you will receive one entry into regular raffle drawings.
Prizes include:
$15 Road ID gift certificates
PRO Compression socks
Paceband of your choice
Energy bits with tin
Fabulous Bolder Band headband

Prizes are added regularly.

In order to enter you must provide your legal name during the donation (you can leave it anonymous when posting) and then forward the confirmation email to fromlazytolady(at)gmail(dot)com

If you'd like to donate without winning a prize you can do that as well.

To Donate/Enter the Raffle please CLICK HERE


Well, I've dealt with 4 weeks of torture so far thanks to a torn tendon in my right foot. I've been focusing on fundraising for my races in February to keep myself motivated. If you're a regular you know that I designed the shirt in this photo and was selling them to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. 
Well, let me tell you, the universe totally understands me. I have been having a very hard time emotionally dealing with this injury. The shirt came the morning after my hardest day so far. I love it. 
First of all the size small fits me! A year ago I would have ordered the large so that's awesome! 

Also, as soon as I put it on I realized that while I might not be training physically this situation is training me to keep it together and to keep going when the going gets tough. It has also shown me just how important running is to me and how much I have invested emotionally in this journey. 

This is me at the bottom of the first flight of stairs. I live in a third floor walk up... 

Have you had to deal with an injury in the middle of your training? How did you handle the frustration and disappointment?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Proud to be Me Day 1 and Day 2

For the month of November I have teamed up with several of my social media friends in a "Proud to be Me" campaign. 
I will be following the daily prompts and will be spreading out my replies between this blog, my facebook page, twitter, and instagram. I hope you will follow along and tell the world why you are proud to be you. Use #proudtobeme to participate.

Nov. 1 – I love my (personality trait)
Nov. 2 – I’m proud that I ________

I love my compassion for animals. Animals mean so much to me and are so innocent and vulnerable.  I love that I am not the type of person who sees an injured bird and leaves it there. I will do whatever it takes to nurse that bird back to health and if it doesn't make it, I will cry as if it was a well loved family pet. 

I am proud that I keep going. There are days that seem almost impossible to manage. Between my anxiety and depression and low self esteem I often think/feel that I can't do something. I am proud that I have learned to not let these voices/feelings control me. I am proud that I completed my half marathon when others thought I couldn't/wouldn't. I am proud that I can take the bus to work even though it causes a panic attack now and then. I am proud that I fight my inner demons and don't let them win. 

So tell me, what do you love about yourself? What are you proud of?