Sunday, November 2, 2014

Proud to be Me Day 1 and Day 2

For the month of November I have teamed up with several of my social media friends in a "Proud to be Me" campaign. 
I will be following the daily prompts and will be spreading out my replies between this blog, my facebook page, twitter, and instagram. I hope you will follow along and tell the world why you are proud to be you. Use #proudtobeme to participate.

Nov. 1 – I love my (personality trait)
Nov. 2 – I’m proud that I ________

I love my compassion for animals. Animals mean so much to me and are so innocent and vulnerable.  I love that I am not the type of person who sees an injured bird and leaves it there. I will do whatever it takes to nurse that bird back to health and if it doesn't make it, I will cry as if it was a well loved family pet. 

I am proud that I keep going. There are days that seem almost impossible to manage. Between my anxiety and depression and low self esteem I often think/feel that I can't do something. I am proud that I have learned to not let these voices/feelings control me. I am proud that I completed my half marathon when others thought I couldn't/wouldn't. I am proud that I can take the bus to work even though it causes a panic attack now and then. I am proud that I fight my inner demons and don't let them win. 

So tell me, what do you love about yourself? What are you proud of?


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