Friday, February 4, 2011

Now that's love...

I am so proud of my husband. He has been fighting me so hard about going to the gym that we missed an entire month of our membership. Yesterday, he finally agrees to go and does amazing and by the time I'm dying and ready to go home, he wants to stay!

I'm so proud and honored that he got over his issues with the gym and went with me. It was nice to have him there, and to be doing something productive together, but it was also nice to see him working out b/c of how good it is for his health. Not to mention, it gave me something nice to look at while I was busting my butt. Honestly, my gym does not have the hottest members, but it's the "judgment free zone" so I'll be nice.

It gives me hope that he will keep going with me, b/c I worry about him all the time. I'm so afraid of losing him, that I need him to work out, to be healthy. I don't want some big buff dude, that's not my style, but a healthy active dude, well that'll be just fine.

What have you done to burn some extra calories this week?

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