Monday, January 31, 2011

Before Bed Routine

I have found that having a bedtime routine really helps me get into the sleep mode as well as helps calm my nerves in preperation for the following day.

This is my before bed routine:
Wash face.
Brush teeth.
Whiten teeth.
Brush hair.
Moisturize face.
Take allergy medicine.
Pick out clothes for the following day. (If I'm feeling ambitious I even lay them out.)
Charge iPad
Set alarm and charge cell phone.
Check the sink for dirty dishes, if there are any, do them. (I've been slacking on this one)
Shine the sink.(again, i've been slacking)
Check the locks, the windows, and lights.
Say goodnight to all the animals, tell Jazzy and Petey its time for bed.
Go lay down.
Check email one last time as well as my to do list for the following day.
Say my prayers.

Now, all of these things don't have to be done in that order, even though it is the order I tend to do them in, and they don't all have to be done right before bed. I start some of these things right when I get home from work, but before I go to bed they all have to be done. It has really helped make my nights and mornings a lot less stressfull.

What do you do that helps you eliminate daily stress and/or anxiety?


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