Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Jets

I am not a Jets fan. I like football, but I don't really have a favorite team. I root for New York as a general rule.

Tonight however, may have changed things. I don't care so much about the Jets winning, I car about the fact that they made the Patriots loose.

I won't get into specifics, but due to certain past circumstances, I LOATHE the Patriots. So, keeping them out of the Super Bowl makes the Jets my friends.

That is all.


  1. I'm excited that they won b/c I'm a Steelers fan. Them winning means it's a home game for Pittsburgh!

  2. We will take a Jet fan anyway we can...and next week may the best team win....hopefully the Jets. lol

  3. It's not that I really wanted to Jets to win as much as I wanted to Pats to lose. And now that that game is over, go Steelers!

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