Sunday, January 30, 2011

Progress on becoming a lady...

Holding the title of Lady comes with the responsibility of actually looking and behaving like one. This wasn't something I was really prepared for when hubby and I gained our titles but it's something I have been trying to embrace.

Working from home for a few years really slowed down this progress since my only "subjects" were my family, best friends, and my fur babies. (None of whom really cared if I hung out in yoga pants and a hoodie all day with my hair a sloppy "bun")
Now that I have a new job things have really changed. Someone said something last week that really hit a nerve but instead of getting upset, I decided to use it as a jump start for what I'm going to call the "Lady Hill Project"

I used to take chances with with my style, but somewhere along the line I got timid. Well, as you can tell by yesterday's post, I've decided to put an end to that.

I wore an outfit that I never thought I could pull off, got a haircut that puts me on my way to my dream cut, and wore makeup colors that I was too afraid to try a week ago.
Guess what?
It felt GOOD to get out of my comfort zone. Going to work today was like bungie jumping. I needed to take that leap. I was nervous, thinking that there was no way I could pull this off, thinking I'd get laughed out of the boutique... and yet, that didn't happen, quite the opposite actually. Even if it did happen, I think I might have been okay, b/c I felt good. I liked the me I kept seeing in the mirror when I passed by... It was awesome.

So, I need to keep the momentum going. I plan on getting my eyebrows done so I look a little less like a grumpy old man, and I also want to go and get my nails done. The nails are something I have always loved doing but always felt guilty about spending money on. The last time I had them done professionally was for my wedding! I also need to dye my hair. I spent about a year growing it out to get it to my natural color, and now that it is 100% my natural color I can say "well, at least I tried" because it is SO not what I remember it being. The last time it was all my natural color was when I was 15 so I guess it was a little silly to assume I'd still be a fabulous blond after all those years... Now I just need to decide what color to go with. Highlights so I can be a "real" blond, or do I go red? Maybe I'll let you vote to decide! I'm also going to go on a small shopping spree to get some new clothes.

I deserve to feel pretty, I need to remember that.

What is something you do that helps you feel pretty/pampered/feminine?

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  1. Good for you! I've made similar changes recently, though back-sliding a little due to temporarily working full time. Keep it up! I'll be your cheerleader!


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