Saturday, June 7, 2014


This is a side by side of January 2009 and January 2014.
I have been on and off the weightloss bandwagon since 2006. I never really tried anything serious and always have up.
Being depressed makes it hard to follow through with things and being over weight makes me depressed. The cycle felt never ending.

To be honest, I've been sick since sometime in 2013. A few ER visits, CT scans, blood tests, ultra sounds, and a recent hospital stay over New Year's Eve with biopsies, surgical procedures etc and I still don't know what I'm sick with.
It's depressing. 
So instead of laying in bed and being miserable I decided to "look on the sunny side" and use this mystery illness as a jump point for my weight loss journey. 
I will find some photos that are a bit more recent to show you the real current progress with the weight but these photos serve a different purpose. 

Look at me on the left. I'm in Disney for the first time in over a decade and while I was ecstatic to be there Inhated having my picture taken. I think it shows. 
Look at me on the right. I look like a totally different person. 
I feel like a different person. 

I am on my way to being the LADY I've always wanted to be, MYSELF. 


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