Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekly Progress

So, this week has been rather busy which would account for the lack of updates.
I am proud to announce that my desk has stayed clean for an entire week. I did not need to clean it or even put "clean desk" on my to do list this week.
This is a HUGE accomplishment for me.

I also managed to keep my purse clean, neat, and organized and did not have to do a clean out this week.

The living room got a cleaning, table cleared (damn hot spots) floor vacuumed(along with a carpet cleaner/deodorizing treatment mmm), shelves and tv dusted, pillows and cushions fluffed and all of the fliers and papers organized and thrown out. WOO HOO!

The bathroom got a full cleaning as well. Floors, mirrors, toilet and I even polished the fixtures and accessories. It's nice and sparkly in there now.

I only went to the gym once this past week. Not good. HOWEVER it was one time more than last week so that's a plus.

I bought a dress for our anniversary ( I can't believe it'll be 2 years in weeks. Time flies!) and get this... it's off the rack... and it FITS. This may not seem like a big deal to most people, but when I add that I got it in the JUNIORS department it's just amazing. My measurements make dress shopping a living hell in general. It's a dress I tried on a few months ago, actually it's not THE dress I tried on b/c the colors are diff but it's the same basic style and the same designer. The dress I tried on last time was a size higher and was too small... now the size down is PERFECT. I didn't have to struggle to zip it or anything. I was ecstatic to say the least.

The good clothes shopping gods didn't stop there... oh no. I also got a sweet TMNT hoodie in a MEDIUM with a gift card so it didn't even cost me anything.
Did you see what I just wrote? A MEDIUM.

Life is good.


  1. Happy early Anniversary! I'm celebrating 5 years this friday!

  2. Why thank you very much!
    Our anniversary is on the 28th. March is a good month for anniversaries.
    Happy Anniversary to you!


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