Thursday, March 25, 2010

A weekend in the country...

Lord Hill and I are venturing out east for the weekend to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary.
It will be a relaxing weekend with antiquing, fine dining, and the company of the man I love and our dog.
Life doesn't get much better than this.

Hopefully I will return with fabulous stories and photographs.

I wonder how many of my followers are married.
Are you? How long have you been married?


  1. I'm married! Just celebrated 5 years on the 19th!

  2. Have a great trip!!!! Sounds like you guys are going to have a great time!

  3. I celebrated one year in November and although we've been together for eight years, each day of marriage is a challenge. That's all I gotta say.

    Happy two year anniversary! I hope you guys have a lovely time :)

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  4. congratulations on your anniversary
    that is amazing

  5. @asblackasobama Congratulations!

    @Ally yes it definitely is. We've been together since '05 but it hasn't gotten easier. Not worse, just different.

    @Mel Thank you!


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