Sunday, April 4, 2010


First of all I’d like to thank everyone who congradulated Lord Hill and I on our anniversary. We had a fabulous time. Our long weekend turned into a 5 day vacation but there will be a separate post to tell that story.

Today I want to talk about Spring Cleaning.

I’ll be honest. I have never really been a fan, nor have I understood why everyone seems to “like” cleaning once the weather gets nice. I always want to spend as much time outside as possible and cleaning is basically the opposite of that. So imagine my surprise when I woke up today on the nicest day we’ve had all year and thought to myself “well, this would be a nice day to tidy up a bit”

And tidy up I did.

Yesterday Lord Hill and I returned over $12 worth of bottles and cans. This helped jump start my want/need to reclean the kitchen as I had totally let it go since my last post showing my nice clean kitchen with my nice shiny sink. I wound up completely cleaning the kitchen including the floors, the fridge, and the cabinets. I put the dishes away, and set up a nice centerpiece on the table. I took everything that didn't belong in the kitchen and put it away.

Then I moved on to my office which is between my kitchen and living room. It's more like a hallway with a desk in it. It has been a total disaster for a long time now. I completely cleaned it today. I wound up finding things from my wedding which as I pointed out last week was 2 years ago!! What is wrong with me?? Anyway, I put it all away and cleaned up and did the floors and got everything that didn't belong in there and put it away. I even cleaned my desk and dusted my monitor.

On to the bathroom.
Toilet done. Sink done. Floors done. Mirrors done.

Living room....
Rugs - vacuumed. Couch - cleaned, cleared and fluffed. Table - cleared, wiped down, dusted, and given a nice little center piece.

Oh, also, my bed is made for the first time in MONTHS. The bedroom is still a disaster area but that's okay. I know I can take care of that if I can do the rest of the apartment in just one day.

It feels AMAZING. We even had company come over tonight and there was nothing to worry about! I had even lit some candles earlier and used air freshener and was 100% confident having guests over.

Keep an eye out for my next big accomplishment!

Do you have a "hotspot" in your home where junk/clutter/stuff seems to accumulate?


  1. The point of cleaning in spring is so that it's warm enough to open all the windows to avoid suffocating in a cloud of dust and cleaning product fumes. I think all the bright sunshine makes it apparent how badly a room needs cleaning - I got the same feeling when I got back from TX.

    For me, everything piles up in chairs...

  2. Hey you!
    Are you following this blog now? You should. I've sort of left everywhere else for now.
    I don't know what the point is, but it was nice to get it done.

    Oooo chairs. That's a good hotspot. Well, it's bad, but you know what I mean. My kitchen chairs have boxes on them and some frying pans.

  3. This week starts my week of spring cleaning.... Yes, I said week.... Slow and steady wins the race....

  4. Hey, a week is better than nothing! I haven't even touched my bedroom or the closets yet but that's okay. I'll get there one day. Slow and steady certainly isn't a bad thing!

  5. We "spring cleaned" last weekend. People were coming over for Easter, and I had to do it either way. I even took the time to attack my baking cabinet. It made me feel good to know that things were neat , and that my cookie sheets wouldn't attack me the next time I opened the cabinet. :)

    I think our "hot spot" would have to be the spare bedroom. Everything gets thrown in there. Our Christmas Tree is still on the floor in that room. We need to bring it back to the IL's so they can store it. I want it out!


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