Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's menu planning time!

I am trying to come up with some new ideas for meals. Last night we had boneless porkchops and rice and it was delicious and something we have never made.
I'm so picky when it comes to food and I never have any luck with recipes I find online.

Cindy over at The Girl To Ask just posted this great cookbook idea. You can make a "real" cookbook with all of your favorite recipes. I want to send it to my friends and family so that they can make one for me! It'd be great to collect family recipes from relatives and make copies for newlyweds and what not.

In the meantime, why don't you share your favorite recipe with me and then head over to The Girl To Ask and check out a great new blog!


  1. I think that's a fantastic idea. I received so many recipe boxes with recipes in them from my bridal shower. I have been meaning to organize all of my recipes and put them into some type of order.

    I think having a bunch of recipes that you actually like and do make, in one place, is so helpful. Thanks Cindy and Kerri!

  2. We should swap some recipes...I have mine organized into a binder (some are clipped from other places, a few are my own).

  3. Sara - I received a lot of blank recipe cards and card boxes at my showers but no recipes! The only recipes I got was a margarita cook book which was AMAZING but no help in the kitchen.

    kamikaze-lover (ronniekins) - I would, but I don't have any! You should just give me all the ones you have so I can start a collection. Especially the recipes from the stuff you made at my shower.

  4. I love the layout! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Housewife Eclectic. I am returning the visit and I am a new follower!

  5. Debrah thanks for stopping by. I love your blog and look forward to reading more entries. :-)


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