Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where will I sleep tonight?

I took on the task of cleaning the bedroom today.
Let me just say that Lord Hill and I have a wardrobe that needs it's own apartment. We own entirely too much clothing and only 1 dresser for the both of us to share.
This tends to lead to piles of clothes, both clean and dirty. We grew sick of this a few months back and I boxed up a ton of the clothing. So now we have a pile of boxes (small boxes) and then clothes on top of those boxes.

It's like a t-shirt jungle in there.

Anyway, I decided to tackle this task alone seeing as though I'd done so well alone last weekend.

Big mistake.

I can't find my bed. If you don't hear from me in the next few days you can assume I was caught in an avalanche of hoodies and t-shirts. Please send a rescue party.

(This is me procrastinating b/c I really do not want to go back in there. This is why I love blogging so much. I can feel productive while shirking my responsibilities! YAY! haha)


  1. Too funny. I get so crazy when I realize we have so many shirts and clothing - I ask myself how often either of us wear an item, bag it up and drop it off to the nearest clothing bin. I love getting rid of things.

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  2. *knock knock* You still alive? lol

  3. @Ally I HATE getting rid of things. I'm waiting for the show Hoarders to ring my doorbell.

    @Sara Yup! and I didn't trip on anything on my way from the bedroom to my bathroom. It's a first!

  4. Only one dresser? If I had my way, I'd have a full wall of dressers.... But then I'd probably take them for granted and get too lazy to put my clothes away....

  5. @ASBLACKASOBAMA it's technically 2 dressers but seriously it's not as big as one dresser I had growing up. We live in a one bedroom apartment and it's all that will fit so we make due. I do have a great set just waiting to be put to use when we have more room though.


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