Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I rarely blog on the weekends, that seems to be a pretty normal trend, but I am having such a lovely Sunday morning that I thought I'd share.

What am I doing? Nothing. I am drinking a lovely cup of hot tea out of my favorite oversized "Cheshire Cat" mug, while catching up on blogs and celebrity gossip. Oh, and Jazzy is sound asleep on my lap.

Later I plan on trying on all of the outfits I bought for work so that I can pick just the right one to wear tomorrow on my first day. I'm like a little kid, I feel like tomorrow is the first day of school. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time.

After that I will be going to visit my dad (my mom is away in Cali for a few weeks) and cooking dinner for him, hubby, and one of my big brothers. This makes me more anxious than the first day of work b/c I have never cooked for my dad or brother, at least not all by myself. I'll be making my "famous" sausage and peppers since it's one of the only meals I'm super proud of and I had taken the sausage out to defrost yesterday but wound up not using them.

Hopefully I'll get some tv in, either on HGTV, WE, the History Channel or the Travel Channel. Those networks are my guilty pleasures.

How are you spending the day? Did you have a nice weekend?


  1. Your day sounds wonderful! I like to relax with a cup of coffee, tea, or wine depending on the time of day. Caching up on my favorite blogs or reading. I am sure your dinner will be delicious!

  2. That sounds like a nice Sunday. Wish mine was that calm.

  3. Just reading about drinking a cup of tea, is relaxing to me lol Enjoy your day!

  4. Sounds like a good day to me. Good luck on your first day!

  5. Your day sounds like my day! I am catching up on blogs, have chili in the crock pot and watching Food Network (dvr'd) shows! Oh and I have a cup of coffee!

  6. You sound busy. Those sausage peppers sound pretty good. I have just discovered the Travel Channel and I love it. Burt the Conqueror and Man v. Food are my faves.

  7. I always have trouble finding time to blog on the weekend.. Right now I'm doing a 30 days of truth challenge so I do it anyway, but I feel kinda guilty if he isn't otherwise busy.

    I really want a Cheshire Cat mug!!! :) I googled it and will have to buy myself one.

  8. That all sounds lovely. I spent my day doing errands. I got a lot done, but it would have been nice to just relax and read.


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