Monday, September 20, 2010

To Do Tuesday 09-21-10

Lots to do this week and very little time to do it in.

  • PACK. 
  • Clean living room. (straighten up will be fine)
  • Clean kitchen. Make sure all dishes are done, garbage is out, table is neat. 
  • Clean bathroom. 
  • Empty the shower. (it's been like an extra closet while waiting to be repaired.)
  • Remove any and all fragile items from shelves on both sides of the shower wall.
  • Get eyebrows threaded?
  • Deposit last paycheck from last job.
  • Find time to ask boss questions about employment that I forgot to ask at the time of being hired. 
  • Pimp out the 2 giveaways I'm hosting. Hey, if you're reading this, please check out my giveaways. I've even got them listed all in one spot for you. Click HERE

What is on your To Do list this week?


  1. Hi there! Guess what?!? I've given you an award! Stop on by to check it out!

    Lil Bits, Big World

  2. Add this to your to do list:

    I have an award waiting for you at Lucy's!


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