Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday - Renew Your Spirit Day

As I've mentioned in the past I am using the Flylady method of getting my home and myself out of a state of CHAOS and getting into a routine.

Sunday is the official "Renew Your Spirit" day where you are supposed to do things that make you happy and it's the day off from chores. Since I'm not really good at following the schedule and routines yet, it's not a day off for me but I decided it needs to be a day where I can relax, unwind, and do something I enjoy.

Since starting my new job I realize how spoiled I had been working from home. If business was slow I could do a quick 15 minute clean up in the middle of the day and not have to worry about the mess on my coffee table at 6:00. Well now that I am not home from 10-6 every day and have a job where I am busy 95% of the time I have no interest in cleaning anything up when I get home.
I am stressed out and overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done.

So I decided that today I would tackle some of the things on my list but before I did it, I had to get motivated.

This meant getting out of my oh so comfy pj's, putting down the magazine I was reading, and DOING something. Bah. Then I looked down at my cute little Jazzy (who will be 5 months old this Friday!) and realized, "Oh my! She's gotten chubby!" It was time to try taking her for a walk.

We've tried before but she is not a fan of the leash and she is not a fan of the cars and gets very excited about the smells and tries to jump into my arms to escape.
So, I grabbed a favorite toy, a handful of treats, and out we went. To my surprise she did great!

She walked on a loose leash after just a few feet of struggling. She kept up with me and when she'd stop to investigate she'd immediately start walking again when I said "come". I was so proud of her that by the time we got home I had to call people to brag and immediately put it up on facebook.

Now I'm in an awesome mood, and the walk was good for me too and gave me some much needed energy. I will now go tackle the living room and then make a list of everything we need to pack for vacation.

Enjoy your Sunday!  What will you do today to renew your spirit?

Oh, I'm also doing a hop today...


  1. I actually cleaned my place from top to bottom, Then took a long shower pampering myself with a facial, mini peddie and a nice cup of tea! I feel so much better when things are clean and dust free. Now its time to start my week.

  2. I think we all get a little spoiled now and then or maybe it is just being "comfortable". Either way, it is okay! haha...I work from home, so I know all about the comfort of

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  3. Found you at the Product review place! Glad to see you made your 300! I'm working on mine now! Come visit

    Clicking you FB tab too!

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