Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wilton Cake Decorating Basics: Week 1

Okay so this post is about a week and a half late. I appologize for that, but there is a lot going on in the Hilliverse these days.

The first week of the course you don't actually decorate a cake. You decorate cookies. Which I, being the lazy gal I am, waited till the last minute to bake and then totally forgot about them. This is why it's good to take the classes with a friend. My good friend Linda brought enough cookies for us to share.

Let me give you a tip before I show you our cookies....
The Wilton 50 piece caddy does NOT have everything you will need for Cake Decorating Basics. I wound up spending quite a bit more on individual things that I needed because the lady at register was mistaken when she told me it would be fine. Personally, I'd rather have the caddy and all the extra pieces b/c I will use them all eventually, but it was a bit annoying to not know I'd have to spend more money in the end.

Cookie porn anyone?
The practice board.

The K is me and I made a cookie for Sara over at Who Bakes Cupcakes

All of my cookies. The W is for Lord Hill. I didn't leave him out.
Linda's cookies. She got fancy - look at her cursive L!

At this week's class I attempted to make this cake: (this is the photo from the course book)
 Stay tuned...


  1. Makes me fat just reading about them! Looking good!

  2. Makes me fat just looking at them! You go girl!

  3. oh good luck..i so want to do them classes..they look like so much fun! i just have to find a victim to go with me!

  4. I really want to be creative and decorate cakes, but I know that the cakes I decorate have to be eaten. I really wanna play with fondue, but I've never even touched the stuff before.


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