Wednesday, February 3, 2010

30 Days continued...(day #14)

Day 14 → A non-fictional book
By the time I was in junior high I had read the Diary of Anne Frank more times than I can count. The same copy of the book, read over and over again to the point where the pages were falling out. Most girls my age were reading The Babysitter's Club if they were reading at all. Not me.
I locked myself in my room and I read about this girl who lived decades before me, thousands of miles away, in another world, and yet we shared so many of the same emotions, thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams. She is the reason I started writing in a diary, she is probably the reason I'm writing a blog today. She was so brave, and so young. I wanted to be like her, well, as much as I could be without the whole tragedy part.

I don't think I understood that it was real, or what happened to her the first time I read the book. I know that every time I read it I learned something different.
I stopped reading it in highschool when I was angry at the world, and feeling rather trapped in my own prison with my own fears. Perhaps now that I'm a 'grown woman' I should read it again. I'm sure I'd learn something new about myself, who I am today and who I was back then. Maybe it's time to take the book down from the shelf.


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