Monday, February 1, 2010

Entertaining Company

This weekend I had a good friend come over for dinner and games.
I thought this was as good a time as any to start practicing my entertaining skills if I want to actually act like a Lady one day.
The apartment was nice and clean, my sink was super shiny, the games were arranged, all that was left was food.
I do not cook. At least, not often enough and never for anyone other than Lord Hill.

My friend is a vegatarian pescatarian and I wanted to make sure everything was safe for her to eat so I headed of to Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's deserve an entry of it's own but now is not the time nor the place to get into why I love that store and am frightened of it at the same time.
This entry is simply to show you what I decided to offer as appetizers before we ordered take out for dinner. Now, I know what you're thinking... a LADY would never have her guests eat take out but we're talking baby steps here. One small step for man and all that jazz... cut me some slack.

Okay... side tracked sorry... so here is what I got and served to my friend and to my hubby. These are not pictures from that night, I stole them off the interwebs. I didn't think ahead and take pics that night. I do however need to take photos of my adorable little rooster platters I served everything on.

Here we go...
Now, I know what you're thinking but I have heard some great things about the Sushi platters from trader joe's. I do not have any experience with sushi since I won't eat sea food but I know both Hubby and Friend enjoy it and I thought it would be a cute/nice gesture.
It was received quite well especially since I served it with fancy chopsticks (not the kind you throw out) and asian serving bowls. The reviews however were not so great. The fish itself I was told was good, the rice however was not. Oh well, you live you learn.
Blech. Again, something I don't eat but was told would go over well. It seemed to do just fine.
I served it with fresh pita, baby carrots, and garlic/herb baked pita chips. The pita chips were DELICIOUS.

YUM. *note to self- leave port wine cheese out at room temperature before serving otherwise it will not spread* Port wine cheese and water crackers. Yummy.

soooooooooo good. Definitely my favorite thing of the evening.

What are YOUR must haves when entertaining company?
What are your favorite things to have when you ARE the company?


  1. You are such a great hostess in the making! The only way you will get better is to practice. So if you ever want to serve food again (Non meat)I am down for anything. I also love your sushi set that you had.

    Good day Lady Hill...good day to you.

  2. I'm glad you had such a nice time. I can't wait till I host something with substance though, like a tea party!


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