Sunday, February 28, 2010

30 Days continued...(day #19)

Day 19 → A talent of yours

Alienating people and procrastination are my biggest talents.
I suppose that's not really what this is asking for is it?

I've been told I take nice photos, I act, and I sing. Whether I'm actually talented in any of these things is really a matter of who you ask.

I did get college scholarships for acting so I suppose that's a talent of mine. It's definitely one of my favorite things to do. Acting was my major in college, well one of them anyway. I doubled in Psychology as well.

I miss acting. I haven't done it in a few years. It's hard to keep up with it while trying to maintain a normal life as well. I really need to look into community theater or maybe even helping out with my highschool/junior high theater program or something like that.

What are you good at?


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