Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

I know that I've been MIA lately. I promise it's for good reason. As much as my blogging has suffered, my routines have suffered more. That ends tonight. 
My sink is shined. 
My lunch is packed.
My clothes are picked out.
My purse and work stuff is at my launching pad.

I am now drinking a cup of sleepy time tea and will hopefully be drifting off to sleep soon.
I have a few giveaways coming up. One of which isn't what some would call exciting, but it's health related and I think it's super helpful.  The other is for a company I have worked with in the past and am very excited about working with again.

I'd also really like to get some book reviews posted but I have the memory of a goldfish and if I don't write down the points I want to cover while reading the book, they rarely get written at all. I was thinking maybe I'll just post a quick personal review of why I did or didn't like a book and a really brief synopsis maybe even stolen from the publisher so at least you have some information about it. What do you think?

Lord Hill and I just got back from Walt Disney World. It's my home away from home. I always hate having to leave there and find myself feeling homesick when we return. Jasmine spent the week at my parents' house with my dad babysitting her. She LOVES him. He didn't think she'd want to come back to us! But she did. She is the cutest. Here's the most recent photo I have of her:

I want to start a Disney related blog but I'm worried I would spend all of my time writing about and researching Disney and then never get anything else accomplished b/c I'm THAT obsessed with it as it is. I can see it in my future... would you like to see my future?
Oh Spaceship Earth how I miss you....

Okay folks. That's all I've got for now. I'll be sure to make some posts this weekend and maybe even write a few in advance. I miss all of you and I'm trying to keep up with everyone's blog. If you have a post you think I must see or you want my readers to see please leave a link in the comments section!

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