Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Learning to grow by letting go

Something you may not know about me is that I am very big into horoscopes and fortune telling. I'm very sensitive when it comes to the paranormal and I find comfort in the stars.

I have been very stressed about my job situation, obviously, but now, I'm feeling a bit better. I read every horoscope I could find for the month, did a quick card reading for myself, and had some very telling dreams. Everything basically pointed in the following direction and if I had looked at it sooner I wouldn't have been caught so off gaurd....

August Horoscope 2010 - Sagittarius
For What it's Worth

Phase one of the great planetary transformation that started in the fall of 2008 is over, and now we're off on phase two. The onset of radical Uranus' opposition to strict Saturn came with the collapse of financial institutions that still has us reeling, as this aspect just ended last month. But now Jupiter and Pluto join the party to heat up rhetoric, cast thick fingers of blame or, hopefully, lead to real reform for individuals and organizations. On August 3, inflationary Jupiter's tense square to potent Pluto opens eyes wide to abuses and corruption. Yet, the individual work we face is to question our beliefs while recognizing that accommodating other points of view, even ones we hate, is a key to human survival.

Aggressive Mars joins with Jupiter and Pluto on August 4 to intensify emotions with feelings of urgency and an inclination to fight. But, as usual, the enemy is us; our fears and prejudices, anger and frustration are not meant to fuel fights against others, but to motivate individuals to clean up their own lives. If you're willing to make major changes in behavior, this is a great time to do it.

Courage and creativity are keys to pulling us out of the shadows, shining new lights of potential on our lives. The New Moon in expressive Leo on August 9 plants seeds of leadership in everyone. It is time to be heroic by acting with love and generosity when time, money or energy are in short supply. Tapping into the nobility in our hearts brings out the confident side of ourselves and increases our capacity to solve problems.
August 16 brings a reality check as pragmatic Saturn opposes hopeful Jupiter. It's time to take a good hard look at goals to see if they're off track or impossible to reach. Making adjustments to overcome short-term problems is worth the effort, so patience is recommended.

Mental Mercury turns retrograde on August 20, beginning its three-week backwards period when extra attention to details and communication is vital. Mix-ups with messages and difficulties with equipment and travel can be avoided by double checking details and tying up loose ends.

Sober Saturn's stressful 90-degree square to Pluto on August 21 reinforces the seriousness of these times and the necessity to recognize where holding on to a person, practice, job or attitude costs more than it's worth. Learning to grow by letting go isn't an easy lesson, but can be a very rewarding one.


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