Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Workout Wednesday 8-03-10 - Now THAT'S a nice fish.

EDIT: WOW. I know sometimes people post their daily ramblings the night before on purpose, and I usually schedule some of my posts to go live at 12:01AM but I honestly thought today was Wednesday when I wrote this post. It's not. It's only 10:00PM EST now and I posted this about 20 minutes ago. OOOPS.

I will admit I did not work out today. In fact, I indulged in eating one of my favorite comfort foods...Cheez-It crackers . Mmmmm
However, I did get a good workout this weekend.
In case you couldn't tell from last week's Friday 5! I spent this past weekend in the Hamptons.
Most of my long time readers will surely have noticed that I love to go fishing and pretty much enjoy fish in general. This weekend consisted of a lovely all day fishing trip with my dad and Lord Hill.
My arms and shoulders and back are still sore from all the lifting and other tasks involved in fishing.

You know how I've been complaining about not getting any keepers and a few of you have looked at pictures from previous trips and said "Wow that's a big/nice sized fish!" and I've basically laughed it off?

This is why...
This is what a keeper sized fluke looks like in NY this side of the Hudson River.

Workout Wednesdays may become Work Search Wednesdays in the very near future. I hope you'll stick around.
In the meantime... how did you work out or burn some extra calories this week?


  1. New follower - saw you on giveawayblogs website! Thought your blog name sounded interesting so had to check it out :) P.S. - That fish looks gross!

    I jogged/walked a mile on Monday and hoping to do the same tonight!


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