Friday, July 30, 2010

Follow Friday! + An Award!

Kristin over at Kuppy Kakes by Kristin passed on this awesome award to me. I love this award b/c it's so lady like!
Now, it is my duty as a gracious award receiver, to pass this on to 9 other blogs as well as, tell you guys 7 things about me!
  1. I love fishing but I hate the thought of hurting the fish.
  2. Sometimes I cry when the hook gets stuck in a fish's mouth. I feel really guilty about hurting it.
  3. I only eat fish I catch. I will only keep a fish if I will eat it. I think catch and release makes more sense than catch and give the extras to friends and family.
  4. I am convinced that when we let the fish go all his fish friends think he's crazy when he tells them what happened. It's basically an alien abduction.
  5. Because of my feelings as to how the other fish treat the fish we catch, I believe in aliens. They basically do to us what we do to wild animals all the time. Who are we to question what people claim to experience?
  6. I appologize to the Freds every time I come home from fishing. 
  7. I really am as crazy as I sound in these things...
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  1. Congrats on the award! I love your fish facts!

  2. Hi

    Found you through Friday Follow...I'm a new follower...your blog is great :)))
    Come and visit me at have a blog sale going on at the moment...


  3. That's hilarious!! I'm following just because you believe in alien abductions..
    Have a great weekend!!

  4. Found you on
    hope you make it to 300 soon! I am nowhere near that since I just got started ;) Check out my blog at
    - Jodi


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