Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fred Update #1 - 14 Days In

These pictures still aren't great and don't do the Freds justice but I just couldn't wait any longer to show them off.

They are so cute!

They have gotten even bigger since these photos were taken, they still aren't big at all, but I'm so surprised at how much they grow over night!

This is "Big Fred" he's my favorite but don't tell the others. He has been the biggest since the day I got them. He does not have a 10x on him, it's a reflection of my camera lol.

This is Big Fred with everyone else in the corner. Baby Fred is the orange and white one in the background. He is my second favorite. Again, don't tell the rest of the Freds.

This is Baby Fred (bottom right) and Big White Fred (top left)

This is Big Fred and his buddy Fred. They hang out a lot.

Big White Fred

Big Fred, Big White Fred, Fred (might actually be little Orange Fred), Little White Fred

The three big guys like to hang out together..

Big White Fred is obsessed with the bubbles.

Doesn't Baby Fred have gorgeous coloring??

The gang..

and pics of Tango b/c otherwise he'd get jealous...

Big White Fred came over to say hi after Tango pushed his nose on the glass. This surprised Tango.

But it encouraged everyone else to come say Hi too..


  1. Oh my goodness! I love all the Freds! But, I think I am a huge fan of Big White Fred. I think he is my favorite.

    And Tango is just the cutest little dog in the whole wide world. Sometimes cuter than my Artie. (Don't tell him I said so)

  2. OMGGGGGosh the Fred's are too funny! (& cute of course!)

    Tango is just SUPER cute too!

  3. Lots of Freds... seems like all that naming could get confusing. Lol. Love the pics! Thanks for the update on the fishies :)


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