Monday, July 5, 2010

A note from the author!

A while back I posted a review for a book I had read with the bookclub I joined. You can find that review here... Book Review: Neither Sand Nor Sea 

Kathleen read my review. This was her response...
Hi Kerri (spelled the same way as my daughter!)
Marisa forwarded me your link.  Wonderful, kind words, not just about my book but me as well and I sincerely appreciate them.
Thanks so much for such a nice review and one that does capture the essence of the story in so many ways.  I remember your saying your cried when reading about Carla and her mom - I didn't tell you that night, but I cried writing and my mom!
When you need reading glasses, give a holler...I keep lots around the house - I'm either losing them or one of my Golden Retrievers is chewing them
Again many thanks - I'm posting your comments on my website.
Warm regards...kathleen
How cool is that?! 

Have you ever heard back from someone who you've done a review on?


  1. How fun!

    I did a review on one of my favorite books, Why Girls Are Weird. About a month later I got an email from the author thanking me and asking if I'd like a signed copy. So exciting!

    I just love the blog world =-)

  2. When I was the entertainment editor of my college newspaper, I got a couple e-mails from people, which was really cool. I'm a news reporter now, and I sometimes get some good feedback, but it's always mixed with a comment or complaint of some sort, which tends to diminish the effect.


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