Thursday, July 8, 2010

Think-About Thursday 07-08-10 + a late Workout Wednesday!

So, yesterday I had a fabulous workout. I spent the first 1/3 of my day at the camp I'm working at this week. There was lots of moving boxes and equipment, and a lot of running with the kids during one of the games we play.
Then I spent the next part of my day in my sauna of an apartment and sweated off like 8 million pounds.
The last part of the day (that I was awake for) consisted of swimming in my parents' pool while playing with my niece and nephew. AWESOME workout and TONS of fun. good times.

My niece is going to be 16 next month. 16!
This is not allowed to happen. I don't understand where the past 11 years went. It seems like just yesterday she was at MY sweet 16. She was so little and adorable and snuggly.
Now, she's a teenager! Who wears bikini tops, and has a facebook profile.
It's all too much to handle.
All of "my" babies are growing up so fast! She's going to be 16, my god daughter is going into middle school in September, my nephew, who due to bad timing everyone in highschool thought was mine (that's a blog post of it's own lol) is 9, my youngest niece just celebrated her fourth birthday and her first dance recital...the baby of the family is already going to be 1!
Lord Hill's niece is almost as tall as me...

Where does the time go?!? I'm getting all teary eyed just thinking about it.


  1. You were ahead of me in New Friend Friday and I'm required to leave a comment. I feel like this is cheating since I've been following you for weeks now.

    Untypically Jia: My Inner Child Needs Another Pepsi

  2. I agree. My nephew will be driving. I remember when he was a baby. I look at my own kids and can't believe that soon my daughter will be in double digits. Scary! I'm a new follower!

  3. Hi! Just viewing your blog from New Friend Friday with the Trendy Treehouse. Cute Blog. Hope to follow some more. You can visit my blog at :)


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