Thursday, July 22, 2010

Think-About Thursday 07-22-10

I have been thinking about a LOT lately. In fact I've been feeling slightly overwhelmed.
I took the plunge and contacted a company about doing a review for them, more info on that tomorrow though. I'd really like to get more involved with giveaways, not b/c I want free stuff for me (though admitedly that's always fun) but because I'd like to get my readers things I think they could use.
For example, I'm not doing a giveaway, but I am reviewing a book that I contacted a publisher about b/c I feel that it really fits the tone of my blog and anyone reading it might be really interested in the book. I want to get that info out there with more info than just a link and a "maybe this would be cool" type of approach.

If I try a cleaning or cooking product I'd like to be able to offer at least one of my readers the same chance...

I just don't really know how to get involved. I'm not sure I have enough followers, or fans, or "likes" or whatever it's called.

I don't know how to get people to follow my blog on the networked blog thing. I feel like it looks ridiculous with just me on there. I should take it down, but if I take it down then no one can add themselves to it.

I don't know how to pitch myself to a company. Or how to promote myself in general. I need a giveaway/review blogger to take me under their wing.

In the meantime I did manage to finally make the button I've been whining about for weeks. It's simple but after cropping my header so many times for blog hops I realized it was exactly what I was looking for. I even learned how to add the "grab" box under it to my side, go ahead, grab it!

Aside from my blogging thoughts, I am also working on a fabulous Zombie related website. My dear friend Sara and I are going to help the world prepare for, defend during, and rebuild after the zombie pandemic. It will be epic. I hope.

I also started the local chapter of the Zombie Research Society (also with Sara) and I'm trying to get that off the ground.

While being a forum admin for

I have a lot on my plate. I NEED projects otherwise I get bored rather easily. This time though, I wonder if maybe I have too many projects. Then I realize, no, it's not that, it's that very few people understand why I'm doing any of these projects in the first place. The lack of support is what's making my situation feel so overwhelming.
Perhaps you, my dear readers, can help with the first portion. Give me your tips, your guides, your words of wisdom. Take me under your wing. If you're a new blogger, maybe we can huddle together. Let's support eachother. Help eachother.

If you're in to zombies, let me know. I could use some help on that front as well.

What do you have on YOUR 'plate' right now? How do you cope when you start to feel overwhelmed?


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  2. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I am returning the follow

  3. And you have a great number of followers for doing giveaways. You won't be able to do HUGE stuff like some blogs with thousands of followers but you can do defeinitely do some giveaways. CSN is great for working with bloggers new to doing giveaways.

  4. Check out and .org. Don't remember now but that's where I get a lot of my reviews and giveaways. You have more followers than I do so it will work out!

  5. I am in the same boat! I just am learning a few ways to get followers and get myself out there but really I don't get more than a handful of people and I know most of the personally. I will huddle with you. Your button is quite adorable though.


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