Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Still Alive!

So, I've been missing. Hopefully you all noticed and have been sad (but not TOO sad) about this and have been eagerly awaiting my return. I know it's only been two days, but I'm just so awesome that it's okay to admit that you've been experiencing withdrawl.

Let me show you WHY I have been missing.

By now most of you should know the little white adorable doggy is Tango. He is staring at a fishtank. The fish tank is new and it is where Fred lives.
Have I mentioned Fred yet on this blog? I feel like I haven't but I have the memory of a goldfish (no pun intended) so it's quite possible. Either way I have some new followers (Hi new followers! Thanks for helping me get to and above my goal of 200!) so I shall tell the story.

As mentioned in this post my town had a celebration for the 100th anniversary of our fire department. This celebration included a carnival where they had the obligatory "throw a ping pong ball win a goldfish" game. Lord Hill was whining begging to play the whole weekend but I kept reminding him that we had no room for a fish and it was silly to spend $5 on a 12 cent fish. On the very last night of the carnival we were walking out as everything was being shut down and I jokingly said "now I want a fish" as we walked passed the fish booth. The girl heard me, called me over, and handed me a bag. Sweet! Free fish. Well, Lord Hill asked if they take the fish with them to the next town and the girl said "No. We 'get rid of them' " in a tone that let us know exactly what that meant. I was so upset. I looked at the bag and realized I had more than one fish and was happy to give the two a home.

Well, I cannot count/see in the dark. There were 1...2...3...4...5..6..7.   7 goldfish.  *insert the Count from Sesame Street's laugh here)

I have spent the past 10 days doing everything in my power to help keep these guys alive. There were about 6 trips to Petsmart, 4 to Petco, 1 to three other petshops, and a new membership to Aquarium Adventure.
I am exhausted and stressed and thrilled.

I love my fishies but as any new mom can tell you, babies take a lot out of you and MAN am I tired!
I have named them all Fred. It's been 10 days and all of the Freds are doing well. They were upgraded to a new home last night and seem to be thriving in their new enviornment. The tiniest ones have already doubled in size and the larger ones are getting bigger every day. Be prepared for lots of posts about this new adventure we're all on!

Have you ever won a fish at a carnival? Knowing that they just throw the left over fish out at the end of each carnival and get new fish at the next town, do you think you'll continue to support the game?


  1. How exciting! We had fish for a long time. They moved with me from apartment to apartment every year. Then I think they just got tired... :( I look forward to updates on the "freds" :)

  2. Stopping by from New Friend Friday, & I am now your newest follower simply because you named ALL of your fish Fred! That is TOO awesome haha!

    Can't wait to see how "Fred" is doing down the road! =)

  3. What a cool undertaking. I love fish, but I hate all the upkeep of a tank, so I stay away.

  4. I've had fish tanks in the past and the cleaning, and pH control, auuggghhh... pain in my patoot. :) Keep us updated on the Freds! Happy Friday!


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