Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friday 5! (OOPS! I did not schedule this correctly at all)

5 things at my local arcade that make me forget what decade it is:

1.  Seriously? Rambo?! No further explanation needed, I hope.

2. Wow! Virtual 3D reality!! ZOMG! It's like the future!!(if this were 1999)

3. I'm not complaining, b/c these games are totally awesome, but why is there a line for this game?! Doesn't everyone on the planet have some version of one of these games at home?

4. I don't care if it's based on the new movie or not. Terminator games are so 1992.

5. Again, not complaining b/c Ms Pacman is the shiznit and I LOOOOVE Galaga...but these games are one of the most expensive arcades to ever be massed produced. They are expensive, and cost a hell of a lot more than a quarter or even 50 cents to play at this location. That's ridiculous.

What was your favorite game to play at the arcade "back in the day" ? What's your favorite arcade game now?


  1. Great entry! I love arcade consoles - They remind me of my childhood in the late 80s and early 90s, when they still had the big arcades. Now, the only thing out there is Dave and Buster's.

    As a kid, I loved NBA Jam and the six-player X-Men arcade game. The Simpsons arcade game was also awesome, as was TMNT. Now though, I mostly stick to shooting games like Time Crisis.

  2. Favorite post of the day, right there. Do they even make new arcade games anymore. Further, there are still arcades??

  3. I think there is a line for the Donkey Kong b/c everyone wants to beat the high score! And beat that douchebag guy with the feathered hair, from that King of Kong documentary. lol


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