Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday 5!

 It's still Friday somewhere...
Enjoy the last 5 photos I took with my camera phone. (not in order)
This is a lego man I built at the Lego Store for a friend.
This is the zebra statue that lived in our crawl space.
This is a fabulous snake arm warmer thing I got on clearance. I have 2 of these bad boys.
This is Mungo. I won him for Lord Hill at a carnival tonight.
This is the Elvis Barbie doll. I took a photo b/c I think it looks more like Adam Lambert than Elvis. 

What's the last thing you used your camera phone to take a picture of?

(usually my phone is just full of pictures of Tango.)

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    1. You are right..that is not Elvis.Elvis was seen at the Summer Fest last night :-) Great pictures...I love taking pictures with my phone camera


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