Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday 5!

Oh my gosh! Am I actually posting something on the correct day this week? Well, it's about time, don't you think?
Today I thought I'd show you 5 awesome things you can see if you are sitting in my living room.
1.  Bride and Groom Penguins. My mother in law actually made these for me for my bridal shower. I then placed them on our guest book wish bowl table.

2. This is Metalic Owl. This is Lord Hill's. This will probably be featured in another blog post at some point.
3. This is my Koi painting. Yes, it is hung sideways on my wall. Deal with it. I bought this before Will and I had any real plans of getting our own place/living together/getting married. I had to have it b/c I just knew it would look awesome on "our" wall. I was right. It was also somewhat influential when it came to deciding on the wall color, which is in fact, a fabulous shade of purple.
4. This is a sketch Lord Hill had done on his birthday in Disney World. He had never been and I surprised him with a trip on Christmas morning. We left on New Year's Eve, and had a fabulous trip. It was the beginning of his addiction to Disney World. I removed his birthday from the image to help protect some of his info.
5. This is a tiki fountain that sits on my entertainment unit. I love all things Tiki.

I adore my purple living room. What color is your living room? What interesting things can someone find if they are sitting on your couch?


  1. visiting from comment club, if you love all things tiki you would LOVE where i live = florida :)

  2. Following you from a belated follow friday!
    Probably the most interesting thing in our living room is....nope... we really have nothing lol

  3. Stopping over from Weekend Comment Club. I'm afraid anyone sitting on my couch would not see much because my four dogs would be all over them trying to steal kisses!

  4. Purple sounds neat. I like the Tiki!

    I'm stopping by from the Friday-Follow Weekend Comment Club to thank you for participating.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Our living room is plain white, because we aren't staying in this apartment long. Ideally, it would have an accent wall of some bright color, like red, lime green, or teal.

    I love that owl!

  6. Saw your post on Twitter.

    I'm follower 199!

    Going Green with Noah

  7. Oh how fun! The most unusual thing in my living room is an alligator head! Over from the comment club!

  8. Comment club visitor. Those penguins sure are cute!! I can't believe someone made those, how creative!!

  9. You are at every blog hop I go to. Are you stalking me? Cause that would be awesome!

    This comment brought to you by the comment club.

  10. The penguins are so adorable!! I have nothing cool and interesting in my living room because of my kids. LOL

    Following you from Friendly Friday Follow!! Hopefully you can stop by my blog and do the same!

  11. I am visting you back from comment club. I really like the koi fish painting its really pretty. My living room is sorta boring. There are just pictures of the family, a really big tv, a couch, and chairs.

  12. LOL @ the 1st pic!
    Stopping by from comment club.


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