Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday 5!

I am still not feeling well, and I thought about just skipping this week's Friday 5 because I know you'd all forgive me for missing a week but I have been slacking on so much lately that I really couldn't let myself do that. So without further ado..

Lady Hill's 5 Things That Make Me Feel Better When I'm Sick:
  1. A nice giant cup of tea. Thanks to my daddy, no matter what is bothering me a cup of tea always helps take the edge off. Especially if it's in one of my favorite mugs.
  2. My furbabies. Especially when they are extra snuggly. Petey and Tango always seem to know when I'm not feeling well and need some extra lovin'.
  3. Looking at anything Disney related and/or planning a Disney vacation.
    (this is one of the first photos I took with my Nikon D50. I still love it)
  4. A nice long bath. It's been ages since I've gotten to take a nice long bath at home since I have a stall shower but when I can do it, it's  niiiice.
  5. Nyquil. I don't know how people live without Nyquil.

    What do you do to help yourself when you're not feeling well?


  1. Definitely Nyquil. I need to go take some right now as I'm not feeling so well. Happy Friday Follow!


  2. Happy Friday Follow, I'm your latest follower hope you find time to stop by me, and do the same. Nice to meet you, and have a great weekend! Tea & honey, lots of rest, and yes I'm a NyQuil fan too! Oh, and I run the humidifier and always sleep with my window open a crack or two. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. thanks so much for sharing...
    happy weekend!

    hopping from FF…now a follower , too!

    xoxo, fickle

  4. Hi there, following from FF, hope you can drop by and follow back.

    Please check out the giveaway at my main blog that you might want to join. Thanks!

  5. Warm bath + Nyquil + big comfy bed = the best when I'm sick!! Hope you're feeling better soon. :)

  6. NyQuil times a thousand!

    The only thing that might persuade me to get rid of NyQuil is if I had furbabies as cute and darling as yours.

  7. Feel better!!! Oh I should tell you that we got some crazy promotional deal from the Hilton for Disney Orlando. We're not sure when we're going, most likely for our 2 year wedding anniversary in November. We got 3 nights for $199 and they said it's walking distance to the park. Woo hoo! I don't like Disney stuff, but I love the theme park :)

  8. Visiting from Friday Follow and following you now on GFC as Thrifty Canucks
    Visit my blog and follow if you can, please.

  9. Hope you're feeling better today. The NyQuil and hot bath should've done the trick. Sometimes we have to stop and be good to ourselves.

  10. A good swig of Nyquil to knock me out for a few hours....

  11. Disney photos... ah. I could look at ours all day.

    That mug is ultra cool. Kudos for mug coolness.


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