Sunday, May 9, 2010


I tried to find the words to express just how much my mother means to me, just how strong of a woman she is and every time I just got all choked up. I stared at this screen for over half an hour trying to figure out what to write. There are no words.My mother and I may not always get along, we may not always see eye to eye and yes of course sometimes we drive each other crazy, BUT, she is an amazing woman. The world is a better place because she's in it. She has battled cancer numerous times, including lung cancer, and is in fact battling it again right now. She has had several heart complications including a major heart attack, she's diabetic and struggles with that... and yet, she's still here. She's still fighting, she's still smiling and just yesterday she said "There are people who have it worse than me." She has taught me what it's like to be strong. She has taught me that being strong doesn't mean you can't be afraid. She has taught me to put my faith in God, to wake up every day and face the world no matter what lies ahead of you. She has taught me the meaning of love. If I can be half the woman she is, I will be very successful in life. She is my mother, she is my friend.

Enjoy some photos. Unfortunately I don't have many on this computer.


  1. Of course I got all teary eyed reading this. Your mom is living life on her terms. Just because you have Cancer doesn't mean you stop living. Life goes on, and so will hers. :) She is an unbelievably strong woman and I can see that you are just as strong as she is. :) Happy Mother's Day LH's mom!

  2. Your mom is adorable. Of course you know how much I love your wedding photos so that goes without saying :)

  3. How nice! She's kicking cancer's butt!


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