Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Gave Up

I gave up, gave in, and threw in the towel yesterday...
I finally went to the doctor.

Diagnosis: Bronchitis which might actually be pneumonia. We'll know in 2 days if the medicine doesn't help.

At least now I know why it feels like there is an elephant standing on my chest.


  1. That's one large elephant, I heard a dung poultice can help bronchitis, so maybe you could turn the whole thing to your advantage.... Get well soon x

  2. Ho-ly-crap! That is not good! :( I don't blame you for waiting so long though, I haaaate going to doctors... keeping my fingers crossed for you that the meds will work and you'll be feeling better A.S.A.P!!!

  3. Feel better soon! My friend from Port Washington was just diagnosed with bronchitis. Must be going around the county!

  4. That's horrible! Get well soon! Tell that elephant to go easy on you!


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