Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trying Something New...

I try to respond to every comment I get. I love comments, and I love interacting with my followers/readers.
I realized the other day that I rarely go back to a blog I left a comment on to see if the owner replied. It made me wonder if my readers did the same and therefor think I don't respond to them...

So today I replied to the emails I received telling me I had comments. That way you know I saw your comment, and we can continue the conversation if we wanted to.

Is that a good idea? Is that what you do when you get a comment on your blog? I'm still trying to figure all of this stuff out.

And just so this isn't a totally boring post... enjoy a random photo of my boys. Petey the cat likes to look out this window and stare at the birds. Tango the dog likes to pretend he's a kitty (as seen in this post) and so he copies Petey and stares out the window with him. Petey does not enjoy this and gives Tango death stares because well, Tango is a dog, and thinks it's his duty to bark at anything that comes near the building thus scaring away the birds.  Note the dirty look the cat is giving the dog.


  1. Tango and Petey are such cuties!

  2. I try doing that too via email. It's hard to come back and keep commenting and I don't think anyone does see it the way they do say on FB.

  3. I wrestle with the e-mail vs. comments response thing quite a bit. I have read that you should reply to comments in the comments as it demonstrates that you are having a dialogue and that you are a responsive blogger. But if no one comes back to read it . . .

  4. Yes that's a good idea because I for one never go back to a blog after I left the comment. I mean I will go back the next day, but not the same day.

  5. They are totally adorable, so cute. The cat's look is indeed something worth a picture :)

  6. I feel torn because I want people to see my blog and see that I do indeed interact with my followers and that it's worth the time to leave a comment but at the same time, I know I never go back to see if the writer replied to my comment.

    Perhaps I will do both. Starting with this comment, so now you'll see it here and you'll get it as an email as well. :-)

  7. I do my best to reply to every comment through email and on my blog.... I also click to receive follow-up comments, just in case someone responds to my comment.... I'm super anal retentive..... lol

  8. This is a hot topic. I did a whole post about blogiquette awhile back. I will comment back on that persons post and if necessary (they asked a question, etc.) email them if their email is linked. I rarely respond to anything in my own comments (I never go back after I have commented). I enjoy hearing everyone's thoughts and ideas.


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