Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I've Been Slacking

I'm not just talking about with my blog either.
I have let the apartment fall to ruins again.
I've just been stressed and busy with work and what not and then Lord Hill got sick last Thursday and has been no help (can't blame him b/c like I said, he's sick) and in an inevtiable turn of events I wound up getting sick as well. I have been spending all of my free time in bed and just got up to grab a cup of tea when I realized that my favorite mug is burried at the bottom of my sink, and I tripped over several "things" on my way to the kitchen.

I am feeling very overwhelmed and disapointed in myself. I have to kick this virus's ass and then kick my own ass into gear.

I got a fabulous hair cut last week and it really perked me up and I thought I'd be well on my way to doing so much better in the "lady" aspect of the journey. My nails are done, I gave myself an at home budget friendly mani pedi and I have some new clothes to rock...

Ugh. Someone come find my favorite mug for me?  This is what it looks like... I think it's under the pot and the cookie sheet next to the glasses and forks.


  1. I love the mug! I hope you can get to it soon. I hate when everyone is sick. Absolutely nothing gets done. Feel better soon!

  2. Hey who can't get happy and healed drinking out of that mug?! You get better soon just keep drinking outta that mug and remember a messy house never killed anyone. The housework can wait. Smiles

  3. Oh, poor you! Hope you feel better soon! I love your mug! The Cheshire cat is my favourite Disney-character:)

  4. That's a cute mug! Give it some time.... You'll get better, and the house will get clean again....


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