Thursday, May 20, 2010

Free Dog and Cat to Good Home

UGH. I am of course kidding... after all they are my babies and I love them like they were my children. BUT let me tell you ... they are lucky they are so cute or one of them would have wound up out the window today!

Someone, (I'm looking at Tango and/or Petey) PEED on my bed today. On my favorite bedspread. The one with all the fabulous matching throw pillows.

This is the 3rd bedspread to meet such a horrible and stinky fate.

Oh fabulous bedspread how I'll miss you...


  1. i feel your pain. our cat chawklit is very destructive, she's obsessed with biting and chewing wires. we spray all wires regularly with bitter apple spray, but she still returns and chews while we sleep or are out. latest victim is the power cord for our mac lap top. it's on it's gonna blow soon. phone chargers, you name it, all chewed and destroyed :(

  2. Oh, that is about as serious
    a pet betrayl as I can imagine. Mine are surviving on cute too.


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