Thursday, January 21, 2010

Santa is Watching

Christmas is finally over in the Hilliverse.
Our tree is down, the garland and lights are down, and everything is *gasp* put away!
It's not even February yet!
I'm quite proud of this and yet a little bummed b/c honestly, if I could keep my home decorated for Christmas year round, I probably would. It cheers me up and reminds me of my very first "job".

When I was a little girl I got a letter from Santa telling me that he was so proud of what a good little girl I had been that he would like me to be one of his helpers. He even sent a little ornament with my name on it as official proof that I was one of his helpers. It could not have gotten any cooler than that. I would put my green Santa-esque hat on after school every day and help my mom do chores. I'd even wear it to the grocery store. I used to pretend to light all the Christmas candles every night at the same time and then go and "blow them out" before bed. I felt a real commitment to my job and my duties. I had to be a good girl, remind other children to behave, and help my mom and dad with all things Christmas related. I think I did a pretty good job. I never got fired. In fact, I still call myself an "Official Santa's Helper" and I still have the letter (somewhere at my parent's house) to prove it.
For now, my green hat has been put away along with the stockings and the tree. Maybe I should keep it out as a reminder that Santa is still watching and there are still chores to be done. Eek. I hope the fact that I'm TRYING will keep me on the "Nice" list this year.

Not the best shot of it, but this is the famous Santa's Helper hat. It even has my name on it!

How long do your Christmas decorations stay up? Be honest, Santa's watching.


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