Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekly Progress

Since the purpose of this blog is to showcase my daily life while I try to go from lazy to lady I guess I should take a few minutes every week to discuss the ups and downs along the way.

Something pretty big happened this week. It's going to sound so trivial but to those of you who live in CHAOS and are surrounded by clutter I think you'll understand.

A friend came over for pizza.

Not only was the apartment not so destroyed that they were allowed inside, but I was comfortable enough to invite them to stay and actually eat and talk for a little while.

I haven't done this in a long time. Hubby has his best friend over whenever he's in town, but frankly he's a boy and he's known my hubby practically their whole lives so he's not likely to judge me based on the cleanliness of the house. How well I play a video game, whether I can identify Gentleman Ghost, or the amount of White Castle sliders I consume, sure, neatness, not so much.

So anyway, that was a big deal for me. I'm proud. She's actually the friend who gave me the fabulous penguin table runner featured in an earlier post that inspired me to findclean my kitchen table.

I have been having trouble getting dressed to the shoes every day. To be honest, I've just been too sore and uncomfortable to wear anything other than sweats and a tank top and my joints and feet hurt too much for lace up shoes. BUT I have not totally forsaken this task. Instead I swap out my pjs for either gym clothes or lounge pants and I wear a pair of slip on sneakers. This seems to be helping quite a bit though not as much as really dressing to the shoes.

The good:
Had company over.
My sink is still shiny.
My kitchen table is still clear.
Christmas decorations are all taken down and put away. (Thank you hubby)
There is more than just a small walkway from the bedroom to the office.
Recycling has been sorted.
Litter boxes are done (again, thanks hubby)
When the gym was too packed to work out we went to the highschool track and did laps instead.
Had a great night out with the ladies tonight. Had so much done at home that there was no guilt at all about being out on a Friday night instead of home worrying about the mess.

The not so good:
only got to the gym once this week
Tango had to go to the vet and is a pain in the ass about taking his pills.
Stressful week at work.
Didn't complete my weekly to do list.

All in all it's been a good week.

What were the highs and lows of your week?


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