Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekly To Do List

This is not a very exciting post, but it is a necessary one.
Follow along, or post your own. I'd love to see what everyone else has to do this week.

  • TAKE DOWN CHRISTMAS (i know, i know, i know.)
  • Return 8 million bottles and cans
  • Find/get new box to store greeting cards in
  • Find "homes" for everything in the "this doesn't belong in the room" box
  • Go to Gym at least 3 times this week
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Make menus
  • Mop Kitchen and Bathroom
  • Organize Living Room Closet
  • Vacuum Living Room

All of the above are in addtion to everything else in my Control Journal for the week.

Some days I feel like I'll never get anything done. Those are the days where I take a step back, evaluate the priorities and work on getting at least one thing done. Everything does not need to be done "RIGHT NOW!!! " Slow progress is better than no progress. Change doesn't happen over night. My apartment didn't get this cluttered/out of control over night and it won't get clean that quickly either.

Patience and organization are two personality traits that I am working on.

How bout you? What do you plan to do this week to help better yourself or your surroundings?


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