Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Minute - the kid edition

This week you need to take these five questions and ask your kid to answer em.  Or ask all your kids and provide multiple answers.  Don't have a kid?  Make one up.


1 - What's your favorite book/story?
The Tale of Peter Rabbit

2 - What do you want to do when you grow up?
The President of the United States

3 - What is your favorite game?

4 - What's your favorite food?

Pot Chicken (NOTE - this is chicken that is cooked in a pot, not WITH pot)

5 - What is your favorite song? (Insert your own question to ask your kid)
Ice Ice Baby

Now some of you must be thinking..."I know Lady Hill doesn't have a kid" and "What kid in their right mind would pick Ice Ice Baby as their favorite song?"
Well let me explain...
I actually happen to have a bunch of old papers that my mom saved from when I was in elementary school. I also have my elementary school year book. SO I went through it to see if I had any of the questions and I actually had all of them! Pretty cool huh? 


  1. That is pretty cool especially Pot Chicken LOL

  2. That is so cool that you did that! Although pot chicken may be pretty sweet with pot! LOL! And, I love that your favorite song was Ice, Ice baby! Too cold..too cold!

  3. Ice Ice baby our generations Eminem only much cuter then lol..

  4. Visiting from Ian's ... you are (were) definitely cool!!


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