Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trendy Treehouse Shutter Love Tuesday

Tango gets very excited when he sees his mommy pull out her fancy camera. He immediately remembers the "sit" "stay" "laydown" "noooo" and other commands he was taught when he first came to live with us. He adores his puppy photoshoots and being the center of attention. HOWEVER this photo was not part of a photo session. Miss Bunny was a gift from Lord Hill back in the day and I will admit that there are nights where I do sleep with her. She's the perfect size and shape to hug when a nightmare has hit or when my back is spasming. She's great for when you have a horrible bronchitis type cough or when you just need something to cry into. Tango is usually quite jealous of Miss Bunny and pushes her out of the bed. I went into the bedroom to put my pj's on and what did I find?! Tango snuggling with Miss Bunny. I knew then and there it was time for everyone to go to bed, but first a quick photo. The rest of the photos before the Trendy Treehouse button were taken as part of one of his photo shoots specifically for Shutter Love Tuesday however I am not entering them. The best moments caught on "film" are the ones we don't plan for.


This weeks theme is "STUFFED ANIMALS"


  1. What a clever dog! Great picture too!

    Best wishes for a happy week,

  2. My dog hates the camera, as soon as you pull it out he hides his head and tries to hide haha, your picture is so cute.

  3. Love your photos! THanks for sharing and entering!

  4. I am falling in love with that little guy. What a cutie!

  5. That's terribly sweet! I enjoyed your pics!

  6. EE, I totally have that same stuffed armadillo!!! But mine isn't nearly as fluffy; I've had it for ages, and it's all flat and matted (from lots of love)... but still amazingly awesome <3

  7. aww thats soo cute
    love the fotos
    i have joined in too
    plz do visit

  8. So Tango poses for you? We just got a boxer puppy and she doesn't listen to anything.... And she does 'other things' to our stuffed animals....

  9. Congratalations on winning Viewer's Choice on Shutter Love Tuesdays. We totally voted for you!
    The Road Dogs


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