Monday, June 14, 2010

Worrying vs. Praying

I just read a post by Julie over at Joy's Hope that was just perfect for how I am feeling right now.
I am a worrier. I always have been, I probably always will be. To prove just how extreme it can be...when I was a young child, elementary school age, I used to sneak out of my bedroom, into my parents' bedroom to check on them and make sure they were breathing. I would have done the same with my brothers but one was in the room next door and his snoring was loud enough to ensure he was alive and well and the other was in the basement. I still avoid the basement after dark.
I find myself doing this in the middle of the night now with Lord Hill and my furbabies.

I cannot shut my brain off. Not only am I a worrier, I am extremely anxious and prone to panic attacks. I'm sure all of this will come up at some point, and I'm all about honestly and they say "write what you know" and well, most of my blogging is about me trying to learn the things that I DON'T know, so in order to make up for that, this is a taste of me.

Anyway, I'm currently worrying about everything under the sun. My parents' health, my dog Diva's health (she stayed with my parents when I moved out) my job, money, whether the new teeth whitening system I'm using is harmful, an odd mole on my arm, the fact that my God daughter just turned 11, my niece will be 16 in a few weeks, whether or not one of the loud planes flying over head is going to land on my builiding... and lots of other things all of which I have no control over. (except for maybe the teeth whitening)

So, what's the point? Why waste all of this time and energy worrying about these things when I can spend some time praying to God and putting it all in His hands and thanking Him/focusing on all of the good that He has given me?

Of course it's all easier said than done. I already pray all the time. I pray and then I worry, and then I pray about the worrying... but for just a few seconds after reading Julie's post I felt at ease/peace and my brain shut up for a moment. It was nice.


  1. I am a worrier too. A horrible one. One day this verse will actually kick in. One day. But until then, I worry, pray, worry, pray. In my heart I know that the worry changes nothing. Training my brain which seemingly too has been wired to worry since childhood is an entirely different challenge. I will be praying for you.

  2. It's pretty tough to get a handle on the worry. I find that NEVER watching the news is helpful.

  3. I am also a worrier. I would get up twice in the evening just to check on the doors.
    And I would call my mother early in the mornings, before I leave for work, just to make sure that nothing happened in the evenings.

    I always pray like that. I always say thanks for all He has done for me before I ask for His blessings.

  4. Amen that through Julie's post God has enabled you to stop worrying for a mum has told me many many times Take it to God AND LEAVE IT THERE!!! By taking it back & worrying again am I doubting what my God has promised?? & you know when I worry & stress (which is a lot!!) I hear my mum say this & it makes me stop & think & then ask God to help me at that very moment whether my worry be big or small - thank God HE knows it all!!! God bless, TK xx


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