Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Workout Wednesday

Today I got my workout by walking around the grounds of the Sands Point Preserve. We took a walking tour of the Hempstead House and checked out the Castle Gould. I tried to climb a tree and succeeded in climbing a bobcat.

We took some awesome pictures along the way and I will be updating with some of them shortly.

How did you workout/burn calories today?


  1. I haven't done my workout yet, but I will after work... hoping for another 4.5 mile run in my favorite park! :)

  2. I didn't work out today :( Yesterday I did 65 minutes on the treadmill and burned 761 calories, I took a photo of it. Ha ha!

  3. What a coincidence, I actually worked out today too.

  4. I lifted my bottle of orange drink to my mouth and then put it down.

    My muscles are aching right now.


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