Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Workout Wednesday - Fishing Edition

Once again I spent Wednesday fishing. This time it was just my dad, Lord Hill, and I. It was a much more relaxing trip this time around. The weather was amazingly perfect. The fish were biting, not as good as last week but there was some action. No keepers...
My workout consisted of lugging equipment to and from the boat and fighting with giant horse shoe crabs and some fish.

Dad's big catch of the day. Not as big as last week but still a nice fish, and in NJ it would have been a keeper.

Lord Hill caught a few baby fish, this was one of many.

He also caught a nice sized fish. About 18 inches - again a keeper in NJ but not in NY.

My fabulously large prehistoric creature which is actually one of very few living fossils...the Horseshoe Crab.
(The horseshoe crab is also on several endangered species lists and it is unlawful for most people to possess them. They are used for medical research and help save human lives but are always released after testing.)

Lord Hill catching yet another fish. No fair.

The men trying to fix our engine troubles. We were stuck for a little while there. Thankfully they got it started. I had no interest in adding "Paddled boat back to shore" to my workout post today.

That's it for now... more photos of the two fishing trips will be getting there own post.

What kind of workout did you do today?


  1. Yeah fishing is big here in the Garden State. I feel bad hurting them though. I know that's silly but I'd have to throw them back. I swear I wish I could be a vegan, I hate eating our friends :(

  2. BUT!!! I should add that it looks like you had an awesome day with dad and hubs. Great weather for being out on the boat too!


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