Thursday, June 3, 2010

Think-About Thursday

I've been excited and thinking about different things this week and I thought it might be nice to make a theme out of it. Help me keep on track with my blogging and what not... so without further ado I bring you the very first "Lady Hill's Think-About Thursday!

  1. My nails are FABULOUS today. I thought of Ally over at today while painting them since the colors are quite 80's/90's retro chic.

  2. I won my first giveaway! I entered a giveaway last month on Manda Blogs About for a 16x20 rolled canvas print and I got the email this morning that I won!! Woo hooo!! I'm not sure which photo to have printed yet though. I originally planned on a wedding photo but we have a fabulous photo of us from Disney World that sort of screams "Enlarge Me, Put Me On Canvas, and Call Me ART!"

    It's so elegant, don't you think?
  3. I'm this week's Twitter of the Week over at Twitter Hop Thursdays (which I already blogged about) I'm very excited about this and just hope that all of my new followers on twitter don't mind my pointless updates. Do you follow me on twitter? If not, why not? GO NOW! @FromLazyToLady
  4. I had a fabulous weekend with Lord Hill and he spoiled me rotten on a shopping trip. I have been thinking about a a great blog entry to discuss the details.

  5. My niece's first dance recital is on Saturday and I just got an invite! I can't wait to see her be all adorable and take a TON of photos of her. I cannot believe how big she is getting. She'll be 4 this month! How is that even possible?!?!  (No pictures of children w/out their parents' consent, sorry folks.) Hopefully the children will be more graceful than this guy...

    What are a few things that you're excited about this week?


  1. Is that my brother? That looks like my brother.

    I would comment on your nails, but I would have no idea what the heck I am talking about.

  2. lol your blogs make me smile. Thanks for stopping by mine. I'm following you back

  3. The nails are interesting, but you absolutely must get the canvas of the Disney picture... how cute are you two! Sad substitute for your 4 year old niece - but I agree with the parents. New follower here, just poking my head in to say "hi!" smile.


  4. Your nails are too cute! Congrats on winning the giveaway.

  5. I am joining you for NFF. I will have to get in on this Twitter Hop! Thanks for the info. Love the nails! Come stop by my blog. We are celebrating Baby Week all week with all kinds of giveaways and guest posts! Have a fabulous weekend!


  6. Thanks for joining us for Friendly Friday, I'm so glad you could be a part of the fun! Now... don't we at least get a little peak into the Coach bag? Just one?

  7. Your nails look awesome :) I'm am visiting from New Friend Friday at The Girl Creative. It was nice looking around your blog!

  8. Visiting from Friday Follow. So excited to be your 100th follower!

  9. Happy Friday! I'm your newest follower!

    If you get a chance, please follow me too at:

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Newest follower from FF. Can't wait to catch up! Also if you check out my blog look at the post from last Thursday and you'll see a pic of my husband in that lovely ballerina outfit. Too funny to see it somewhere else!

  11. Hi, I'm your newest Friday Follower!

    Come visit me at


  12. I give you credit for painting your nails that way - my cousin does it too. I'm so boring with my baby pink :(

    Thanks for the shout out! Enjoy your weekend! See ya on FB!

  13. That's definitely the picture you should choose! It's been so crazy busy around here.... I'm just looking forward to a little break in the action....


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