Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To Do Tuesday 06-29-10

I decided to spice things up and try to do my To Do Tuesday post a little differently. I make all of my to do lists on a calendar in my control journal, so instead of making it a regular list here I thought I'd just post my calendar. Tell me what you think about the new format. If you hate it/love it..it's hard to read/whatever... I want feedback!

First thing's first... This is my control journal. It has my calendar for the week on one side and a calendar that just goes from 1-31 on the other side that has birthdays/bill/special events filled in with pencil. 

Close up of the calendar! Notice the bottom has my menu on it as well.
(click to make larger.)

What's on YOUR to-do list?


  1. plan Babes first birthday, closets, kitchen, clean out fridge.

  2. I should add "make a control journal" to my to do list.

  3. Read blogs, Work, work work, sleep, wake up, work again.


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